Urban T(act)ics

Organised by Barnaby Bennett

Supported by Dalman Architecture

On Saturday 26 October, a symposium exploring tactics and acts of urbanism at the Physics Rooms attracted around 100 people over the course of four hours.

Designers, architects, academics, journalists and event organisers from around Australasia presented urban projects from other cities and explored case studies and perspectives on urbanism.

Urban T(act)tics was an opportunity for groups and individuals doing similar work in Christchurch to learn lessons from other cities and to meet people curious about what is happening here. All of the presenters that were present work in organisations that have influence in their city but not as part of government, and they reflected on how their work can be considered an action, activity or tactic within the city.

The session was made up of a series of ten-minute presentations with ample discussion time and a light lunch that took place somewhere in the middle.

The schedule was:

Session 1
11:05:00 Introduction
11:10:00 Rikki Berger Mongolian Urbanism
11:20:00 Stuart Candy Guerrilla Futures
11:30:00 Byron Kinnaird Negotiating with Buildings
11:40:00 Chris Morley-Hall Cathedral of Today
11:50:00 Barnaby Bennett Global Studio
12:00:00 Conversation and questions
12:30-1:00 Lunch
Session 2
1:10:00 Marni Jackson Renew Newcastle
1:20:00 Noel Meek Indian Street Theatre
1:30:00 Federico Monsalve Writing Design
1:40:00 Melanie Oliver One Day Sculpture
1:50:00 James Coyle Newtown Festival
2:00:00 Conversation and questions
2:30:00 Finish


Date: December 02, 2013