Two-Two-Eight-Zero (University of South Australia, School of Arts, Architecture and Design)

Here is Two-Two-Eight-Zero’s description of their installation for Lean Means:

Project ‘Two-Two-Eight-Zero’ is our comment on the reliance and dependency our society has developed towards plastic packaging. The 2,280 bag structure is a confronting look into how ‘nothing’ becomes ‘something’ that impacts our planet. The use of one plastic bag seems inconsequential when we have no visual connection to the devastating effects of their accumulation.

These polypropylene bags were en route for landfill as they were dead stock. ‘Two-Two-Eight-Zero’ is prolonging the use of the polypropylene product that otherwise would be at ‘end of life’. A number of the bags will be taken back to Adelaide for our graduation show, and the majority of the rigging will be reused in our university workshops.

Date: October 12, 2016