Transitional City Audio Tour

Gap Filler and a range of collaborators

The Transitional City Audio Tour launched its updated version of the project during FESTA 2013. This is an ongoing tour available from the Pallet Pavilion until April 2014. It starts at the Pallet Pavilion and circles the former Red Zone. Please borrow the headphones and Mp3 players from Cafe Woohoo (caravan) inside the Pallet Pavilion between 9.30am and 4pm daily.

The Transitional City Audio Tour (the people’s perspective)

This is an approximately one hour and 45 minute guided walk around central Christchurch. A myriad of voices comment upon the social, political and aesthetic aspects of what was – and remains of – the city of Christchurch.

Packed with personal remembrances, historical information and explanations of the very complicated present-day situation, the tour is designed both to help outsiders come to some understanding of how and why Christchurch is as it is two+ years after the quake and to help locals pay homage to the past and give voice to hopes for the future. Includes a soundscape by local musicians, recorded in central Christchurch.


Date: December 02, 2013