Thinking About Building, Fri 24 Oct 5.30pm; Sat 25 Oct & Sun 26 Oct 12-4pm

Sophie Bannan, Andrew Just, Amiria Kiddle, Mark Leong & Nick Sargent, Nicholas Mangan, Hamish Shaw, Blaine Western

The Physics Room. 209 Tuam St

Opening: Friday 24 October, 5.30pm,

Exhibition: Saturday 25 October & Sunday 26 October, 12-4pm. Runs beyond FESTA.

The well-attended opening of Thinking about building took place on the opening night of FESTA at the Physics Room. But if you did not make it that weekend it is running until 7 December.

In a city where significant building projects are in preparation or underway, discussion seems bound to the steps, curves and measurements of building plans, instead of addressing the broader context and aspiring to meaningful architectural relationships. Staging a return to ideas, Thinking about building provides an opportunity for several local architects to think beyond the pragmatics of design alongside artists that have utilised various moments in architecture to elaborate on the ideas that they represent.


Date: October 01, 2014