The Procession (University of Auckland, School of Architecture and Planning)

Shikara Ventura, Lorna Luo, Emilio Ocampo, William King, Ella Chamberlain. Jono Calder, Phoebe Wang & Carmen Wong

The Procession’s design is a client-based project with the Urban Monk Ltd, a local business in Christchurch that specialises in producing various fermented vegetables and krauts.

The Urban Monk will be a vendor at Christchurch’s FESTA 2018, a festival which celebrates urban creativity through architecture, design and food. The Urban Monk hopes to use the festival as a platform to promote his philosophy and products while maintaining his responsibility as a sustainable producer.

Their design involves utilising the client’s E-Bike and its trailer as a part of the structure for the installation. The installation and its components will be flat packed and transported to the site on the Urban Monk’s E-bike trailer. The weight and sizing of materials are key drivers in their design, as is the ease of assembly and disassembly, which will enable future use of the installation.

Date: September 22, 2018