Supernova city drawing workshop

Led by Byron Kinnaird

A group of all ages headed down to the Pallet Pavilion on Sunday 27 October to participate in Byron Kinnaird’s Supernova City drawing workshop.

The aim of this workshop was to make new imaginative drawings of the city, building on the idea that we all see, imagine, use, and remember the city differently from each other. But strangely, we all share the same places.

The group drew these individual and shared memories of the city, emotions about places, and future visions. They were shared and overlapped like a constellation of stars.

The workshop began with creative experiments in drawing and mapping, followed by massive shared drawings of our Supernova City. These became maps of Christchurch. Supernova City was led by Melbourne-based NZ artist/architect Byron Kinnaird.

This workshop was proudly supported by Context Architects


Date: December 02, 2013