Strategic advisor Juliet Arnott

Juliet Arnott has played a crucial role in the development of this year’s theme and in Christchurch’s Harvest Map, a catalogue of materials for reuse, both during and after FESTA.

Juliet Arnott (1974) is a Christchurch based occupational therapist and artist. Her clinical career in New Zealand and the United Kingdom involves working with people to remove or reduce barriers to participation in their valued occupations of everyday life. She specialises in mental health and vocational rehabilitation.

She has also long maintained an art practice that reveres traditional craft and it’s inherent resourcefulness, activates local under-valued resources, and often engages others in participation of the same. Her socially minded practice lead to the instigation of Rekindle and Whole House Reuse in 2012. Rekindle is a social enterprise that seeks to to derive social and creative impact from reusable resources to avoid waste to landfill. Currently she is establishing a charitable trust dedicated to creating opportunities for resourcefulness, and will publish the first Journal of Resourcefulness in April 2017.

Date: June 29, 2016