Sound Sky Workshop, Sun 26 Oct 2-3pm

Trudy Lane & Halsey Burgund with A Brave New City & Canterbury Society for Sonic Artists (CSSA)

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery, 35 New Regent St

Exhibition opening: Friday 24 October, 6pm-late

Exhibition: Saturday 25 October & Sunday 26 October, 12-5pm

Workshop: Sunday 26 October, 2-3pm

Guided tour: Monday 27 October, 2-3pm

Come time travel via this emerging invisible layer of stories, sounds and speculative futures for Christchurch. Sound Sky is a geo-located audioscape that is discoverable via mobile phone. Leave a message from your future self via the app (only on iOS from App Store), exhibition or workshops.

In collaboration with A Brave New City, the workshops will imagine multiple possible futures for Christchurch, of which you are a part. What is this city going to be like in the future? What does your future self think of it? Come find out!


Date: October 01, 2014