Sound Sky Guided Tour, Mon 27 Oct 2-3pm

Trudy Lane & Halsey Burgund with A Brave New City & Canterbury Society for Sonic Artists (CSSA)

The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery, 35 New Regent St

Exhibition opening: Friday 24 October, 6pm-late

Exhibition: Saturday 25 October & Sunday 26 October, 12-5pm

Workshop: Sunday 26 October, 2-3pm

Guided tour: Monday 27 October, 2-3pm

The eager group of participants for the Sound Sky guided tour experienced a new and powerful way of exploring Christchurch. They met outside The Auricle on Monday 27 October at 2pm and were kitted up with headphones, smart phones and app before leaving on the guided tour that not only moved through Christchurch spaces but also across time. From its collection of invisible layers of stories and memories of the past, current commentary and speculative futures, certain tales and sounds particular to the site a person was standing close to were played.

The geo-located audioscape Sound Sky is discoverable via mobile phone and can be added to – this is an ongoing project, which seeks to collect memories, present thoughts and speculative futures for Christchurch.

Leave a message from your future self via the app (only on iOS from App Store), exhibition (which is ongoing) and keep your eyes peeled for future workshops.



Date: September 30, 2014