Signs of Things to Come, throughout FESTA

Signs of Things to Come

Generation Zero & Diadem

Central city-wide

Throughout FESTA and beyond

Wayfinding signs for key central city locations (dispersed across FESTA hubs) compare the current and future potential of transport in Christchurch.

In order to move New Zealand towards a prosperous, low-carbon future and mitigate the effects of climate change, we need to drastically reduce our carbon emissions. Our cities are currently designed for private automobiles, but Christchurch has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to greatly improve public and active transport and become a clean, green livable city of the future.

The collaboration between Diadem, Generation Zero and FESTA enables people to navigate their way around FESTA’s temporary sites. Content was collaboratively produced; Diadem has designed the concepts and made the signs; Generation Zero has installed them at key central city locations.


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Date: September 30, 2014