Roman Dining: A Guide to Status and Mores

Roman Dining: A Guide to Status and Mores

Adjunct Associate Professor Robin Bond & the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities

Fri 19 Oct, 6–7pm

Teece Museum Building, The Arts Centre

Free, registration required: Eventbrite

Open for evening viewing of ‘Beyond the Grave’ from 5-7pm, with Professor Robin Bond’s talk in the Recital Room from 6-7pm.

This free public talk will explore the ancient contexts for feasting and the influence of food on the development of a society. Using as source material the works of the Roman satirists and their recurrent topic of the ‘cena / banquet’ as a guide, Associate Professor Robin Bond will investigate social distinctions and mores in Rome in the first century CE/AD.

Robin’s doctorate was on Stoic influence on the Satires of Horace, an area of study which, with Roman Satire, has been a source of many of his journal articles and conference presentations over years. An interest in Classical Drama has also led to Robin writing and directing a large number of productions both in Christchurch and in Western Australia.

Visitors will enjoy the opportunity to browse the Teece Museum’s newest exhibition ‘Beyond the Grave: Death in ancient times’ from 5-6pm, before heading into the Recital Room for Professor Bond’s talk from 6–7pm.

Date: September 12, 2018