Ribbon (Unitec, Department of Architecture)

The team members are David Nonn, Pia Mohring, Christoph Wimmer, Sahar Mehrabi, Sumaya Yasin, Abigail Minoz, Mark Mildon, Jayden Grant, Shari Lindt & Linh Tran. Here is their description of their installation for Lean Means:

Ribbon are exploring the different uses of, and ways, to extend the lives of their chosen waste materials (steel purloins and plastic bottles) by making a beautiful and engaging piece of temporary architecture – their installation invites the public to walk through the space they have created and observe the structure from several view points.

By cutting plastic bottles into strings, they are effectively upcycling – the resulting  plastic string is durable and has the potential to be used in everyday life over a long period of time, as opposed to the bottles themselves which are generally only used once and then recycled or thrown out. These plastic ribbons dress a supporting structure that is fabricated from steel purlins, which come from a waste stream from the Hornby factory of FESTA Dynamo sponsor Metalcraft Roofing.

By using materials familiar to the public, they hope to encourage awareness of how anybody could make a difference in their daily lives through the repurposing of materials .



Date: October 07, 2016