Project coordinator Chloe Waretini

Chloe Waretini is the newest member of the FESTA team. She is leading the coordination of this year’s major event Lean Means, as well as this year’s visual design.

Chloe has a background in community activation, mass collaboration and multi-disciplinary design with the Enspiral Network, and a passion for citizen-led creation of the urban environment. She moved to Christchurch in late 2014, drawn by the exciting experimentation in city-making that was occurring in the post-quake environment. Volunteering on FESTA 2014 made up her first week living here and inspired her to become an integral part of the team this year.

Outside of FESTA Chloe is leading the Otakaro Orchard urban food hub project and other local food initiatives with the Food Resilience Network. Her happiest place in the world is amongst trees.

Date: June 30, 2016