Nomadic Sauna

Fabricio Fernandes

Members of the public accepted the invitation to participate in a series of free sauna sessions at night in inner city Christchurch from Friday 25 to Sunday 27. On the site of 136 Manchester Street, up to 14 people at a time sat on the ground covered in eucalyptus leaves by the crackling pot-belly stove and enjoyed a Native American inspired sauna right in the heart of the city.

The pine wood-structured, canvas-covered dome and pot-belly stove provided a unique space within an urban context and offered a new social experience of downtown Christchurch.

The Nomadic Sauna is a portable sauna that can be easily put together and dismantled to sit on different sites. This piece of transitional architecture is best experienced from the inside, where the pot-belly fire gently glows and creates a dimly-lit atmosphere .

Proudly supported by Caffe Prima


The site for this project was brokered by Life in Vacant Spaces



Date: November 27, 2013