Nga Huna (Unitec, Department of Architecture)

The team members are Rhiannon Churchward, Thomas Kerby, Victor Pang, Dylan Patel, Mansoor Amora, Rafsaan Al Rubai & Summit Singh. Here is their description of their installation:

Nga Huna, meaning hidden bugs, is a large-scale abstraction of the unique light quality of the natural phenomenon of glow worms. Our team wanted to bring something that was not in Christchurch’s immediate area into the heart of the city. The interactive glow worm cave has lights shining through a reflective film, to illuminate the cave and create a secluded environment removed from its surroundings.


The Lean Means theme provided an exciting challenge for our team. Sourcing waste stream materials and producing a zero waste installation has allowed us to revitalise old stock, as well as damaged or scrap materials, thus preventing these from ending up in landfill. We are really excited to contribute to FESTA and participate in the progressive festival which brings Christchurch’s residents back into the city.

Date: October 10, 2016