Mapping Moments Collection, 10am–11.30am, Sat 20 Oct

Mapping Moments Collection

The Walking Talking Mapping Project (Alex Bonham)

Sat 20 Oct, 10am–11.30am

BizDojo Events (download map here), 107/150 Lichfield Street



The table is laid. . . or perhaps there isn’t a table, perhaps there are woven baskets or a simple packing box to sit around, perhaps nothing at all. Christchurch, Te Whenua o Te Potiki-Tautahi,  is one of the food baskets of the South Island and for centuries has been a centre, of eating, of culture, of ritual and of memories.

In this mapping project we will be collecting memories of feasting, fasting and foraging. Drop in to the FESTA hub at the BizDojo Events Space for a cordial conversation: enjoy a taste of the past and add something to the pot.

This participatory project entails sharing, recording and mapping memories and memories of memories. The final layered map will tell a story of an ever-evolving land, city and people.

Alex Bonham is also collecting memories in conjunction with UTS at our headline event, FEASTA!

Date: September 12, 2018