MAKKANIKA (University of Adelaide, School of Architecture and Built Environment)

Julian Worrall (lecturer), Yuying Sun, Luke Fang, Lu Li,Di Liu, Yiqian Wu, Jingjie Wu, Rui Lyu, Daniel Butcher, Chi Hieu Nguyen, Syarita Amalasari, Xinyuan Hou, Tianhong Yan & Yangeng Zhou

MAKKANIKA combines the Indonesian word for food/eating, “makan”, with a verbal echo in English: machine or mechanism. This, in turn, is similar to the word in Italian for machine,“macchina”, which also contains the word “china”.

The studio in Adelaide comprises of many international students from across Asia. They have been working in consultation with FESTA Assistant Director Erica Austin-Knopp to design an interactive seating area that creates a commons for community games and an Asian themed food truck market. Their key structural component is Hills Hoist washing lines.

Date: September 22, 2018