Lustrous (Unitec, Department of Architecture)

The team members are Umut Kokcu, James (Boris) Adam, Dikshant Khadka, Jagdeep Singh, Brain Reader, Kathait Anurag, Yuting Shi, Rubin Gui, Zilu Jia, Keyi Sun & Howra Allami. Here is their description of their installation for Lean Means:

Lustrous wanted to give a second life to their chosen waste materials – non-working light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. In their installation 1500 recycled light bulbs and fluorescent tubes will be lit up with a different source of power – a people-powered, bicycle generator.

The structure encourages community and participation as people work in unison by peddling to light up the installation. It is about second chances for materials and is fun experience for people of all ages to enjoy.


Date: October 07, 2016