LumineSense (Unitec, Department of Architecture)

The team members are Prineeta Alexander, Daniel Amanaki, Josef Motu, Hayden Swan, Tevita Vikilani, Moses Fakatava, George Hola, George Karan, Sam Feleti, BJ Pillanger & Philipp Muller. Here is their description of their installation for Lean Means:

Often when people finish a bottle and empty it of its contents they see it as no longer being useful. By creating a design that relies on encapsulating senses and releasing them within our installation through bottles, we hope to make people aware that plastic bottles don’t have to be objects that can only be used for one function.

With our installation we hope to make people question the different uses for recycled bottles. They act as tools to contain many things, including smells and sounds.

The senses of smell, sound and touch are fundamental aspects that underpin our daily lives. To reflect on the importance of our senses, our installation will engage the crowd through a sensory experience.

Journeying through the installation, the senses of sight, sound, touch will create metaphorical thresholds whilst capturing the essence of Christchurch. We hope to cooperatively work with Globelets in achieving a cohesive sensory experience.

Date: October 07, 2016