Deja Brew (University of South Australia, School of Art, Architecture and Design)

Steve Kelly (subject coordinator), Davud Atakan, Eric Bagnara, Naomi Cavallaro, Jessica Collins, Ashley Colliver, Taylor Fabry, Stephanie Haarsma, Chloe Lorimer, Shar-Nae Luxford, Conor Mannering, Oznur Sen, Sarah Maiorano, Sara Threadgold, Jefferson Tomlian and Jody Xia.


The University of South Australia are working with local craft beer fillery, Punky Brewster, to create a Waitaha Canterbury Brews Bar. Punky Brewster has selected locally produced beers especially for this.  Students are creating a space using PVC piping and footing, and recycled furniture to create a retro beer-garden aesthetic.

Date: September 22, 2018