Launch of Freerange Vol. 7: The Commons

Freerange Press

On Sunday 27 October at 6pm, approximately 30 people gathered in the heart of FESTA’s city-within-a-city for the launch of Freerange’s latest journal Freerange Vol. 7: The Commons.

The commons can be defined as ‘all that we share’ or those resources that are managed collectively by a community. This issue explores the commons, from intellectual property rights through to food, education, public space and cultural identity.

What better place was there to celebrate the release, talk about the commons with the editors and share visions for a more commons-based future than at a festival which opens up the city to the community’s desire to participate in its making.

The city is too big for any one discipline, model or profession to master, and as such we each need to understand our place within it. Freerange journals aim to aid this understanding by stimulating cross-disciplinary, accessible yet intellectually challenging writing about the city, design, politics and pirates. Questions are welcomed. Please visit www.projectfreerange.com for more information about Freerange publications and projects.

Freerange Press

Date: December 02, 2013