Jos de Krieger, architect and partner of Superuse Studios

Jos de Krieger (FESTA 2016’s creative director) at Lean Means:

We think ingenious, beautiful and functional architectural and social design solutions can be created using existing resources, materials and systems. Everything is already there, we just have to see and utilise it. In this way we can transform to a sustainable society and limit the environmental impact of architecture and design. To make optimal use of locally sourced ‘waste’ materials in new design solutions is what we call SUPERUSE.


Jos de Krieger of Superuse Studios (Rotterdam) is a specialist in urban installations and interventions and the creative director of FESTA 2016: We Have the Means. Since 2006 Jos has been working in the field of architecture, especially innovative architecture and design made from leftover and waste materials. After his graduation at TU Delft he joined Superuse Studios (former 2012Architecten) to push the boundaries of architecture beyond traditional building methods into cyclical processes.

Date: October 12, 2016