Jelloucity, Fri 24 Oct 5-8pm; Sat 25 Oct-Mon 27 Oct 10am-4pm

Unstable Table Jelly Co.

Supported by Kiwibank

Cathedral Junction, 109 Worcester St

Launch: Friday 24 October, 5-8pm

Building: Saturday 25 October-Monday 27 October, 10-4pm

All were welcome (children, families and anyone else who wanted to join in) to come and construct their own utopia – out of jelly!

On Friday evening the colourful jellyscape template of terraces and flats lay ready for people to add to and build upon. Each child was given a basket of their own jelly blocks to construct their houses out of. The jellyscape continued to grow and expand over the four days of Labour Weekend to culminate in a colourful, glowing city that is supposed to shake and wobble!

The future was live and the children built their own vision of it – OUT OF JELLY!

FESTA and Unstable Jelly Co. wishes to thank Gelita for providing essential materials (jello)!


Date: October 01, 2014