Hence (Ara, School of Architectural Studies)

The team members are Irene Boles (Tutor), Kerry Mulligan (Tutor), Juliet Arnott (Project Partner), James Newell, Kevin Damiecki, Rick McGillivray, Emma Doherty, Gayle Fabic, Renata Munoz, Hayley Kesseler, Ryan Bensberg, Louwrens Kloppers, Brittany Halligan, Selina Zhao, Dylan Burnside, Kathleen Smith, Bronte Sadlier, Ting Lin, Nicole Forte, Patrick Bowden, Sam Tansley, Georgia Harris, Becks Higgs, Tom Chapman & Marieka Hitchcock. Here is their description of their installation:

Bachelor of Architectural Studies students from Ara, in collaboration with Juliet Arnott from Rekindle,  are imagining a zero waste world for FESTA 2016. Green hazel wood has been locally harvested, bent and weaved to create a village of temporary shelters where traditional craftspeople undertake high quality crafts to produce objects for daily use that are zero waste in nature.

Date: October 10, 2016