Greening the Rubble Guided Tour, 1–3.30pm, Sat 22 Oct

A keen group joined Greening the Rubble on a guided tour of some of their new greening projects around the city, including the new Restless Forest, The Tree Museum and more.

The tour ended at their home base, The Green Lab, with afternoon tea to celebrate the installation of their new communal table supporting edible plants. All the materials used to construct the table, stools and paving came from their storage yard, and some of the materials have been up-cycled several times.

They also highlighted some of the other innovative designs at The Green Lab, such as self-watering garden beds, a worm farm and green roofs.

This project was presented by Greening the Rubble.gtr_logo




Photographs by Alexis Carlier.

Date: October 24, 2016