Greening the Roof Demo

presented by SHAC

On Sunday 27 October, those keen to find out about ‘greening’ a roof turned up to 18 Cramner Square for the planting demonstration and talk with their gardening gloves. The use of these roofs has many benefits including greatly reducing storm-water flows and flooding, increasing roof lifespan, creating natural habitat and filtering the air.

SHAC explained its ideas on how to replace a tile roof with a green one and gain an extra living space, in addition to information on building an apartment with a green roof or balcony. The talk included information for designers, builders, engineers and homeowners intending to retrofit or rebuild

University of Canterbury engineers have confirmed that green roofs have many benefits for Christchurch and New Zealand. Together, we can create a green and verdant garden city with rooftops of mosses, native grasses, or edible plants and leave behind the rubble.

This project was presented by SHAC | The Sustainable Habitat Challenge, and supported by Greening the Rubble.

Innovators at SHAC | The Sustainable Habitat Challenge have studied international practices and technology, and have developed an affordable open source solution using local materials and techniques that will be tested over the next year. For more information see www.shac.org.nz.

The site for this project was brokered by Life in Vacant Spaces



Date: December 02, 2013