Glow Worms (Unitec, Department of Architecture)

The team members are Sama Al-din, Hayley McDonald, John Tagi, Latu Ofa, Sade Carlile-Ponga, Rachael Pati, Claire Timperley, Azizah Al-Shidi, Costa Qianyi Zhang,  Zhangheng Liu, Diana Shi & He Du. Here is their description of their installation:

Our project reflects the amount of waste produced from the use of plastic bottles and plastic bags by showcasing them in a ‘nature’ setting. A 6-metre waterfall made from these materials will be supported with a scaffold and lit up with LED spotlights. All materials will be recycled and donated for reuse so that no waste is produced – this is to promote sustainability as part of the Lean Means theme of repurposing materials through design.

Date: October 06, 2016