Gaby Montejo

Gaby’s project for FEASTA!: Vee Plus

Gaby Montejo presents VEE PLUS – an experiential branding exercise that tries to promote the consumption of vegetables by manufacturing the “desire” though illicit marketing, in a future where Big Pharma meets Big Farmer.

A satirical spoof performance / intervention will be organised in collaboration with other artists to present a campaign of social media posts, merchandise sales, printed images and video ads in the run-up to the event, lending the project an aura of believable authenticity.

On the night of FEASTA!, a sales-oriented mock tradeshow booth will showcase the products and the video testimonials. Several actors will peddle the goods and hand out gifts, interview the public and float the idea of this as a foreseeable future.

Gaby’s bio

Gaby Montejo approaches art through photo, music, interviews, and temporary installation often with performative actions. Born to Cuban parents, Gaby attended art school in Australia and America and moved to Christchurch in 2006.  As an active member of the local arts community, Gaby has participated in local arts advocacy groups and founded seeder projects. Gaby’s work explores democracy, hierarchy, and food politics,  in a way where the finished work is often consumed or destroyed during the process of making.  Whilst exhibiting internationally, Gaby stays pivotal in the social initiatives and collaborative interventions of Christchurch and is a key member of the collective The Social.

Exhibitions and works include Everyday Lines, Hastings City Art Gallery, 2017; MAKING SPACE, as part of The Social Collective, CoCA, Christchurch, 2017; Honeymoon Latte, as part of Precarious Nature, CoCA, 2016; The Pie Shop Surveillance Project for Open Workshop, XCHC, 2016;  National Contemporary Art Awards, Waikato Museum, Hamilton, 2015; Pay for the Printer, Triple Major, Shanghai, 2015; Milk Fight, 100 Peterborough Street, Christchurch, 2014; OPP, Chambers, Christchurch, 2013; Bring A Plate, Performance Arcade, Wellington, 2013; Goat in a Bikini, None Gallery, Dunedin, 2012;  The Art of Photography, San Diego Art Institute, California, 2012; New Zealand Sculpture OnShore, Auckland, 2012; Shared Lines, Sendai Mediatheque, Japan, 2012;  Poltergeist, White Elephant Arts, Melbourne, 2011; and …Nah It’s Only Gaby, ABC, Christchurch, 2011.


Date: August 17, 2018