Flowing Fortress (Auckland University of Technology, Spatial Design)

The team members are Sarah Woolley, Hannah Spurdle & Brooke Costello. Here is their description of their installation for Lean Means:

Our installation stems from a quote that was graffitied on a wall in Christchurch after the earthquakes:  ‘The things which I have seen, I now can see no more’. Our design involves the obscuring of vision through a ‘forest’ of plastic bags that encapsulates people and alters their perception of what they are seeing. Lighting and smoke intensifies the sensory experience during the day when the event starts, and continues to intensify with the transition into the night time period. Spectators are invited to enter a space injected with colour, where they come across filtered silhouettes, discover a surprise and possibly have a time for reflection.

Our idea behind the afterlife of the large-scale rag bags is to reuse or re-purpose them rather than recycle, as they are generously on loan for us from a supplier. As a group we wanted to make something beautiful out of utilising plastic bags, however the generic supermarket plastic bags did not fit well with what we wanted to achieve so we set out to find a plastic alternative that gave us the potential to do something different from projects we had seen before.

This is a project that has forced us to utilise the means we already have at our disposal and to reuse rather than start afresh, so after FESTA has finished for the night we will feel good about having an installation that creates nearly 0 percent waste.

Date: September 07, 2016