Fabricating Future Farming, 1–5pm, Sun 21 Oct

Fabricating Future Farming

Fab Lab & Food Resilience Network

Sun 21 Oct, 1–5pm

Fab Lab, 130 Madras St

$20, bookings essential: Eventbrite

With the impending effects of climate change and the increased urban sprawl of our cities, we need to look for alternative ways of producing food at a community level. Microfarming and vertical farming are being explored as solutions to food distribution and food production issues.

This workshop invites us to use modern tech fabrication and our imaginations to create some tools to overcome these hurdles. The workshop will start with a group discussion about the issues we are facing and then we start exploring solutions that can be created at a grassroots level! (Max. 16 people)

Fabricating Future Farming

Date: September 11, 2018