Eating Sustainably, 2–4pm, Mon 22 Oct

Eating Sustainably

Sustainable Living Education Trust

Tutors: Vanessa Lukes, Chrys Horn and Louise Armitage

Mon 22 Oct, 2–4pm

Botanic Gardens, Old Information Centre  (via Armagh St entrance)

$5, bookings essential: click here

‘Shall I have the meat or the veggie burger?!’ Do you ever wonder how healthy your food is for the planet?

There are many views on what foods are healthy or not, and we often take sugar, cholesterol and nutrient content of foods into account.  We can also expand our view of healthy eating to encompass the health of the planet as well.  At this workshop we will explore food sustainability, and learn and discuss how our food choices influence the planet, and how we can eat in a sustainable way.  Topics covered include carbon ‘foodprints’, sustainable seafood choices, palm oil (its impacts and how to avoid it!), food resilience and more.

So join us for an exploration of the impacts our food choices make on the living world, and discover how you can help Mother Earth one bite at a time.

Sustainable Living


Date: September 10, 2018