Cumulonimbus (University of Adelaide, School of Architecture and Built Environment)

The team members are Bernice Chua, Daisy Freeburn, Ee Lyn Yoong, Foo Fong Thing, Jack Foster, Lauren Phillips, Louisa Rebellato, Patty Pettifer, Roshan Mustaza, Soh Zhiqin, Valerie Tan, Woo Hyuk Jung and course coordinator  Julian Worrall. Here is their description of their installation for Lean Means:

A cumulonimbus cloud in its glory floats ethereally, but when the reality of the thunderstorm hits, its form changes, rain falls and its beauty is diminished.

Twelve students from the University of Adelaide have brewed up Cumulonimbus. Modules of inflated LDPE plastic bags are hung in dense configurations, thus transforming the recycled material into a solitary cloud. The identity of the plastic bags, when inflated, is disguised in the beauty of the cloud-like mass. But when the bags start to deflate and rain down to the ground this beauty is diminished, and the true identity of the harmful waste is exposed.

Along with our activation partners Zero Bag and Plastic Bag Free Ōtautahi we aim to raise awareness of plastic bag consumption. However, to do so, we first invite you to put your head in the clouds and enjoy the mesmerising wonder of Cumulonimbus.

Date: October 07, 2016