Cottage Connection (University of Technology Sydney, Interior Architecture)

Team: Luke Tipene (Subject Coordinator), Audrey Abbott, Naeem Aghdasi, Paris Bleechmore, Emma Devine, Celine Du
Ji Hyun Hwang, Madeline Kirby, Shevon  Lau, Jeremy   Medlock, Danielle Meyerowitz, Merena Nguyen, Natasha Op’T Land, Georgina Robertson, Courtney Rovere, Tanwee Shrestha, Yura Sin, Sandy Su, Chelsea Watters & Xiaotong Yang

Cottage Connection aims to create a dialogue around locality and place. Samples of edible products by small-scale producers from around the region have been collected and will be displayed as artefacts, reflecting the meaningful importance of place, as well as people’s memories and experiences of the city.

Audiences will be invited to record an oral history in exchange for a product, and the recordings will be donated to a local archive at the end of the project. The studio hopes to help people reflect, think and immerse themselves in the new social moment of Christchurch through dialogue, participation and, ultimately, eating.


Date: September 22, 2018