CLive (University of Technology Sydney, Architecture School)

Team members are Antonios Sofios, Neda Khorsandian, Esra Basol, Zainab Mohsen, Aaimun Tariq & Hank Wang. Here is their description of their installation:

The project features a structural installation utilising conventional milk crates. Through repurposing and re-contextualising this material, a means of temporary architecture will be created, allowing for community engagement. By reusing this common element (milk crates), the spaces created will promote social interaction and entertainment, bringing the community of Christchurch together to celebrate the initiative and ambition of the community.

Although representing a means of temporary architecture, the structure intends to advocate, through combining the efforts and resources of multiple communities, that change and progression is possible, and that we can create memorable and timeless experiences within our society. But why milk crates? We selected this material as not only could it be sourced in large quantities, but also possessed ideal qualities essential for the structural possibilities we were exploring throughout our university studies.

Date: October 07, 2016