Canterbury Tales symposium

Peter Falkenberg (Free Theatre Artistic Director), Thea Brejzek (Professor, School of Design, UTS) & Bruce Russell (sound artist, Manager of Art and Design, CPIT)

Organised by Te Puna Toi

The tasting room at Black Betty’s filled up on Sunday 27 October with people wanting to engage in the discussion on the Canterbury Tales as a performative exploration of the city. A panel of people involved in the Canterbury Tales project as well as observers and critics discussed what is happening in the city with the idea that observing how it is performing might help effect positive changes.

The Canterbury Tales project took an opportunity during this extraordinary time in Christchurch’s history to consider notions of place in city-making, and how it is that the community might feed into the process of the city-becoming. This performative approach could be seen as a counterbalance to the plans for the city that are designed around large infrastructure projects such as a Convention Centre and Sports Stadium and other more generic constructs of city living.

The panel discussed that what may be needed is the fostering of a sense kaitiaki or guardianship that makes us actors and not just passive by-standers to the creation of a new city. The idea of a transitional city pivots around questions rather than answers and these questions will be considered in a symposium that runs as part of the Canterbury Tales project.

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Date: November 27, 2013