Blooming Wall (University of Technology Sydney, Architecture School)

The members of the team are Dyan Prakash, Yingqi Huang, Thoi Yen Ngo, Natalie Xu,  Zoe Phocas-Deliat & Cindy Qian Zhang. Here is their description of their installation for Lean Means:

Inspired by the image of flowers hanging on fences as a tribute to the victims of the earthquake, Blooming Wall have transformed cardboard tubes and water bottles into a structure that celebrates the possibilities for the city’s future. It does so by providing opportunities for individual engagement in the spaces of the city.

In learning about Christchurch, this studio saw that the projects like Gap Filler were successful precisely because individuals had an opportunity to contribute to the spaces of the city and that recent government infrastructure projects have neglected to draw on this grassroots energy in the city.

The ‘Blooming Wall’ is a blank canvas that is activated by the visitors of the festival who interact with it. Through each individual interaction, the wall blossoms. This shows that the seemingly barren wall is not at its final state yet, which embodies the aspirations and hopes of the individuals to shape the city.

Date: October 06, 2016