CHOH-LAB (Massey University, College of Creative Arts)

Tara Rudge, Fiona Lai, Jingyi Sun, Ellie Jackson, Madison Hare-Reid, Georgina Stokes, Penny Wennekes, Libby White, Lauryn Dorne, Georgina Rarity, Josiah Cole, Holly Downer, Sophie Gibbs, Helen Wang, Claire O’Connell, Jessica Leung, Meghan Gillard, Ariel Hughes, David Huang, Harry Iliffe, Jacob Paterson, Lily Custance, Olivia Breeze, Jack Stevens, Kaze McGee, Lisa Newman , Samantha Rowell, Sean Tilles & Sam Weston

Massey University are working with local craft beer fillery, Punky Brewster, to create a ‘future bar’ experience. Punky Brewster has commissioned unusual beers from Aotearoa producers especially for this event.  Massey students are creating a sensory environment that will explore the idea of macro and micro in relation to beer through projections and sound-scapes. They are utilising infrastructure already found within the beer industry to provide structure and create an immersive experience.

Date: September 22, 2018