Aloud (Auckland University of Technology, Spatial Design)

The team members are Nada Elkhour, Manshika Mani, Ruby Coleman & Zeenia Irani. Here is their description of their installation for Lean Means:

“Amidst the shards of glass
and the twisted steel
Beside the fallen brick
and scattered concrete
We began to understand
That there is beauty in the
Strangers do not live here

The Aloud studio creates an environment with a selected narrative that they found in Christchurch. They  turn the spoken voice into a physical interactive structure, which is based on the sound waves the story holds. The people’s voices become the landscape, and begin to represent the text in a physical sense – with the formation of the sound waves influencing the shape of the structure.

It is an ephemeral interpretation of Christchurch’s topography after the earthquake. Their installation incorporates used pool noodles which were salvaged from opshops, local aquatic centres, as well as unused, donated ones – to manifest the narrative and memories they found.

Date: October 07, 2016