FESTA returns 19–22 October: A public festival of architecture, design & food

FESTA, the biennial weekend celebration of urban creativity returns to Christchurch this Labour Weekend, 19–22 October 2018! It brings life back into the city as thousands of Cantabrians as well as visitors imagine and experience how the city could be different through a headline event that is live for one night only (2016’s edition attracted 16,000 people back into the central city), and through projects and live events presented as part of the associate programme over the course of Labour Weekend.

Our 2018 programme comprises 55 events that explore the connections between food and the city.

The headline event: FEASTA! A spectacular celebration of architecture, community and food.

Christchurch has always had a powerful relationship with food and to celebrate this ongoing love FESTA is throwing a street party – a public feast of architecture, design and food. On Saturday 20 October artists, musicians, community groups, businesses, over 130 architecture students from across Australasia, as well as design and architecture professionals, will come together to create a spectacular celebration of food and city-making, live for one night only. This collective reimagining of Christchurch takes place in the city’s new public spaces.

FEASTA! will fire up your appetites and imaginations with installations, artists, performers, family activities, musicians, community groups, businesses, and lots of wonderful things to eat and drink.

This is a free, public event – open to all.

We want thousands of people to enjoy and experience this public celebration. So join us for FEASTA!

The Wider Programme

The associate programme builds on the theme of feasting, exploring the interconnections between food and urbanism through workshops, talks, pop-up projects, family events, tours, live performance, artworks and more.

These range in scope from Dates with Plates to Food to Thought and take place at 27 different venues in the city over the weekend, beginning Friday (19 October) morning at 9am, and ending Monday night (22 October).

Food connects places, people and ideas and is an integral part of the urban fabric. From the domestic sphere to the workplace, from street scape to public space, it shapes our urban environment and has the capacity to enrich it. The food system (growth, distribution, consumption, waste) interacts with, and impacts, a range of areas: health, land, water, transport, economy, waste, identity, culture, environment, amenity, employment and equality to a name a few. It presents us many challenges in the twenty-first century, but also many opportunities – it is a great connector.

FESTA is a crowd-created festival – it is through the contributions of many that we are able to put on an urban-scale festival for Christchurch. Our programme will explore the following:

  • Its role in smart cities
  • How it shapes the urban environment (now/historically)
  • The way we interact with the built environment through food
  • Its influence/reflection on different areas and architectures (from mall and food desert to urban farms, picnic spots and farmers’ markets)
  • Food resilience and food ecologies
  • Sustainability
  • Food insecurity (accessibility of healthy food)
  • Proximity to source
  • Its potential for participatory design
  • Food knowledge centres
  • Kaitiakitanga, mahinga kai, manaakitanga
  • As a catalyst for community development
  • Practices and traditions associated with it
  • Managing its waste streams
  • Collective imaginings of where and how you wish to share food
  • Land use etc.
  • Celebrating community based-food experiences and knowledge in suburban centres
  • Nutrition and public health


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