Intersection Point


Amiria Kiddle & Helen Trappitt

Where:  48 Hereford St, Cambridge Tce corner

When: For the duration of FESTA and beyond

The Intersection Point mural breathes life into a building on the brink of final change and revivifies its ‘place’ in the city. The mural uses diamond patterns – this shape signifies strength and the symbols can be found the world over, including in our traditional art forms.

The design is inspired by the taniko pattern of two diamonds paired one on top of the other, signifying a crossing of paths of people or events. In Intersection Point Amiria Kiddle and Helen Trappitt are experimenting with this building as a canvas for expressing identity in the urban environment.

Helen and Amiria’s backgrounds in engineering and architecture, respectively, combined with their passion for public art and a desire to create ‘Aotearoa places’ led them to collaborate on this new transitional project.