Canterbury Tales

August 6 Friar (Stuart Lloyd Harris)

Free Theatre Christchurch & collaborators

Where: Central city – from the Bridge of Remembrance to Cathedral Square

When: Saturday 26 October & Sunday 27 October 6.00pm – 12am, procession starts 8.30pm.

For more information visit: www.canterburytales.org.nz

A carnivalesque procession through the former Red Zone

Following on from the success of LUXCITY, this year’s main event is the carnivalesque Canterbury Tales, conceived and led by Free Theatre Christchurch. This extravaganza of light, colour and interactivity will delight, stimulate and offer reflection as we explore the past, present and future of Christchurch.

At 8.30pm the procession of large puppets and masked performers will assemble near the Bridge of Remembrance and follow a specific path through the central city at night: along the river to Worcester Bridge before ending at the heart of the city in Cathedral Square.

Spectators can join the procession at any point as it moves through different sites that come alive with diverse performances, soundscapes, lights, hospitality, interactive architecture and installations.

This unique experience is the major event for this year’s festival, creating a city-within-a-city based around different Canterbury tales – expect to see the city like you’ve never seen it before!

Dress up, wear a mask and come join the carnival of Canterbury Tales.

For more information visit: www.canterburytales.org.nz

A collaborative exploration of the city

Before the procession, visit the Interior and Spatial Design Studio from UTS in Sydney on Worcester Bridge. The Studio are using tarpaulin collected from homes damaged in the 2011 earthquake to construct a spatial living archive that takes the shape of a storm. Come and explore the installation where the stories and experiences of the people of Christchurch creates a temporary urban interior, but one that is amidst a storm.

Free Theatre’s procession begins in the Pacific: an interactive environment where local performance group Pacific Underground and Highlight (Architecture Department, Unitec) engage with the Samoan holiday Lotu Tamaiti or White Sunday, a community celebration of childhood.

After passing by a river installation designed by Lincoln Landscape Architecture students, the procession moves to an urban scenography on the Worcester Bridge where local experimental artists perform within an interactive environment built and inhabited by Interior and Spatial Design students from the University of Technology Sydney.

From there the path leads us through the installations ‘Anamorphic Shadows’ and ‘Illuminate’ (developed by Unitec students) up to the Cathedral, where a play between karanga and fanfare performed by Ngai Tahu artists and the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra calls the procession into the square. Along the way watch out for mobile shelters, from Unitec’s Department of Design and Visual Arts, unfolding from clothes, suitcases or backpacks.

Along the journey expect to find beverages and tasty fare from some of Christchurch’s favourite watering holes:

The Darkroom, Cassels and Sons, The Twisted Hop, Black Betty and Smash Palace.

The Lost and Found night market, developed alongside the work of students from CPIT, will entertain audiences long into the night.