FESTA 2016

FESTA 2016 will be held this Labour Weekend from 21-24 October – so we invite you to participate by proposing a project, participate by volunteering, and participate by planning your holiday weekend in Christchurch!

Do you imagine Christchurch differently..? Be part of FESTA 2016!

Planning for this year’s FESTA is underway and we are seeking expressions of interest to participate in this year’s festival on the theme We Have The Means. Expressions are invited from individuals, collectives, community groups, businesses, artists, designers, architects, grandmothers, schools, youth organisations and more who want to be part of creating projects and events as part of the FESTA 2016 programme on Labour Weekend 21-24 October.

“A design is not considered as the beginning of a linear process but as a phase in a continuous cycle of creation and recreation, use and reuse.” Superuse Studios

Our theme for 2016 : We Have The Means

  • We are incredibly excited and inspired to be drawing on the pioneering approach to sustainable design and city-making developed by Superuse Studios in Rotterdam. Superuse Studios have a unique systems-based approach to sustainable design which they will be sharing with Christchurch this year. We’re going to be using their Harvest Map to show materials available for reuse in Christchurch and in FESTA projects.
  • The ‘means’ FESTA wants to celebrate are two fold: citizens who have a passion for the city’s on-going development and material resources –  especially waste streams, that are available for reuse in urban projects to create ethical objects of beauty and function.
  • It’s about identifying and using the means that are already available to us in Christchurch and through this process opening up new possibilities. Contact us to discuss harvesting waste materials.


Want to put your city-making skills to the test? Email info@festa.org.nz with your proposal before June 30.

In your proposal (no more than two A4), please provide:

  • Name of contact person/organisation
  • Contact details (phone, email, skype)
  • Project or Event name and brief description
  • relevant links to websites with previous projects, portfolios or biographical information
  • details of how your project will link to the FESTA 2016 theme


Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged via email by 10 July 2016.
Questions? Feel free to email us ahead of the deadline and browse our website for examples of past projects and events.


Interested in participating by volunteering?

You could: support a project team; scout for and catalogue waste materials for reuse in FESTA projects; support our comms; help organise events and more! For more information email us on hello@teputahi.org.nz


Background information

What is FESTA?

FESTA is a biennial weekend celebration of urban creativity in Christchurch. It all starts with a horde of creative people who imagine Christchurch could be different – the kinds of city they most desire. These imaginative people translate that vision into a live event or project and present it over Labour Weekend.

The purpose of FESTA is to:

  • Create a platform for city-makers and citizens to imagine and experience Christchurch differently.
  • Celebrate the culture of creativity, active citizenship and hope that has emerged in Christchurch since the earthquakes
  • Encourage more people to get involved in the remaking of their city, bringing tens of thousands of people into the city for one occasion, to provide a positive, collective experience of the changing central city
  • Stimulate longer-term change in how and who makes Christchurch. In 2016 we are bringing a strong focus on sustainability through the resuse of waste materials in design.


Who is FESTA?

FESTA is presented and produced by Te Pūtahi – Christchurch centre for architecture & city-making. Te Pūtahi is governed by a registered charity, the Christchurch Transitional Architecture Trust.


FESTA was born of collaboration and is sustained through collaboration with like-minded organisations and individuals. In 2016 we are delighted to be working with Superuse Studios, Rekindle, Gap Filler, Greening the Rubble, Life in Vacant Spaces, Unitec Architecture Department, AUT’s Spatial Design Department, Massey University’s School of Design, Ara’s School of Architecture Studies, University of Technology Sydney’s Architecture School, multiple departments from the University of South Australia, University of Adelaide’s School of Architecture and the University of Melbourne’s School of Design, PechaKucha Night Christchurch, Field Architecture and many more. We welcome enquiries from all those willing to test their city-making means in Christchurch this Labour Weekend.