FESTA, the biennial weekend celebration of urban creativity, saw thousands experience a reimagined Christchurch during the 2016 edition. Our headline event, Lean Means, brought 16,000 people back into the city on Saturday 22 October to share in Christchurch’s brightest display of this urban creativity. The theme for this year’s festival was We Have the Means, which focused on making the most of the resources we have available to us, in terms of our people and reusable materials. There were over 30 events across the weekend, with imaginative installations, workshops, talks, pop-up projects, family events, foraging tours, live performance, artworks and more.

Thank you to all our pledgers for helping us to create Lean Means!

We would like to thank everyone for their support and hope that you made it along to the spectacular temporary city that you helped to create on Saturday 22 October. 15000 turned up to enjoy its night market of second-hand and upcycled goods, dance, performance, music, a wearable art parade for kids, food, bars, games and much more.

Headline event: Lean Means

Headline event: Lean Means


Our main event brought 15,000 people back into the central city for Christchurch's brightest display of urban creativity on Saturday 22 October. A spectacular temporary city made from reused ‘waste’ materials, where inner city spaces were transformed with imaginative installations, created this festive atmosphere.

Inspired by the pioneering practice of leading Dutch architects, Superuse Studios, the Lean Means installations were designed and fabricated by students from seven leading design and architecture schools from across Australasia. This temporary city was packed with art, events, music, markets, food trucks, pop-up diners, bars, kids activities and more!

FESTA 2016: We Have the Means

FESTA 2016: We Have the Means


The theme for FESTA 2016 was ‘We Have the Means’. The ‘means’ we celebrated included both the people of Christchurch and visitors to the city, who care about the the city’s development and flourishing, and the materials that we are able to repurpose and divert from landfill, which are then used to create functioning, beautiful and interesting objects for Christchurch.

The creative director of this year’s festival was Jos de Krieger from the Rotterdam based Superuse Studios, a leader in repurposing materials through design. Superuse has created a material catalogue system called Harvest Map, which is available for use in both Christchurch and FESTA projects.

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